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Zivot Consultancy GH

Zivot Consultancy is a firm dedicated to working with individuals who have the interest to study, work or live in Canada. We understand how stressful it is with the application processes and we are here to make it simple for our clients. We help out with Law School, Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD Admissions.

We also want to give our clients the opportunity to experience working in Canada as well as to live in Canada. This will enable them experience the Canadian culture and also give the working-class individual an opportunity to gain another skill from a western world perspective. We simplify the exhaustive process for our clients. Just sit at home and let Zivot do the work.

What makes us different from our competitors is that, our clients have the opportunity in working with our qualified and certified Canadian Immigration Consultant and Paralegal when they arrive in Canada. With this arrangement in place, your immigration issues are easily attended to. We also help our international Students build their resume and, in the search for jobs. We offer many other services in this regard as compared to our competitors and that makes us unique.

Grantee Visa Approval 97.99%

Study, Work and Live in Canada!

Zivot Consultancy



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